Group content generation

A few months ago, a good friend of mine started a project of sorts — or rather, a hub (sort of?) of projects called Port Zero.

Port Zero, named after a public spawning point in Snow Crash, is essentially a group of people that have self-selected to be part of a creative group whose purpose is just… to create. Create what? That’s up to the group.

There were many reasons Jayne started Port Zero (you can read about some of them here), but ultimately it’s an attempt at doing many things at once:

  • Creating a group consciousness that can chew through creative problems and make something unique as a team
  • Train people how to be influencers/creators without also taking advantage of them
  • Creating a group of talented individuals who are willing to share their skills and abilities (and who, in return, can learn from other similarly talented individuals)

Despite being the “founder” of the group, Jayne isn’t the boss. The group does what the group wants to do. That could be creating a vtuber, or a D&D campaign, or even a Discord bot.

So what does this have to do with me?

Outside of being a fan of the idea — I’ve been wondering if I could use a similar, smaller framework to generate helpful content for the communities that *my community* belongs to.

To be blunt, because of the content I’ve created, my community contains a high percentage of trans women.

Often this leads to a lot of questions: Where can you find resources for voice training? What about practicing your speaking voice in a safe space? What communities in VRChat are “safe”?

While I don’t have a large platform (barely any lol), I have convinced a bunch of people to join our Discord server, many of them who are eager to help others.

So maybe… we could create a working group of sorts that would attempt to tackle some of the above questions (and problems). We could start by putting together and maintaining resource lists, as well as maybe even setting up servers and events to help people out.

To be clear — these sorts of things exist elsewhere, but I’m not sure to what extent they exist in *our* space, in virtual reality.

My goal here wouldn’t be to run these projects, but rather shepherd them. The way I see it, I could help direct resources where they need to go, empowering members of my community to do the groundwork necessary. Then, we can all work together to get the resources we make out there.

I also wouldn’t want to stop here.

The way I see it, this sort of thing could lead into charity events, or maybe even tackling other problems — some serious, some not. Maybe we could have numerous working groups, all working on different problems.

I don’t know.

Is this a good idea? Is it a bad one? Is it really my place to jump in?

This blog post is a jumping off point. I’ll be posting this in a new channel in my community, and letting it stew for a week or two. Depending on the ensuing conversation, we’ll maybe do something together… or maybe we’ll shelf the idea. Maybe for later. Maybe it’ll just disappear.


Anyway. Yeah. That’s the idea: I’d like to build a community group that is self-guided (although the first few projects would be based around offering resources to those that need them most). From there, if it works, we could build it up into something larger.

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